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Stop! Don't you want a Graphical Interface?

Freecell Solver is not a graphical program, and is instead oriented towards software developers and users of the UNIX/Linux or Windows command lines. If you prefer a graphical program with a convenient interface and an animated solution look at the graphical front-ends for Freecell Solver that people have prepared.

Of these we can recommend PySolFC which is open-source, cross-platform, configurable, and supports a very large number of Solitaire variants.

Latest Stable Versions

freecell-solver-3.26.0.tar.bz2 Source Code. Can be built as an RPM package by running "rpmbuild -tb" on it.
freecell-solver-3.24.0-win32.exe Win32 Binaries. Download the .exe, double-click it, and an interactive installer will start.

How to install in various Linux/etc. distributions

Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint

Type apt-get install freecell-solver as root. The version may be somewhat old, but hopefully mostly bug-free. Alse see the Debian Package page.


None yet.

Mandriva / Mageia

Type urpmi freecell-solver. You may need to configure the right appropriate networked repositories in the Mageia Control Centre.


See the FreeBSD Freshports page.

Other Solvers


HTML Plaintext Description
README Plaintext The "Readme" File
INSTALL Plaintext How to install Freecell Solver
NEWS Plaintext The file containing what's new in every release.
USAGE Plaintext A detailed usage document
TODO Plaintext The todo list
AUTHORS Plaintext List of authors and contributors

Utility Programs

palm_patience_getgame.tar.gz Dumps games from Patience 2.5 on PalmOS. You need all the usual PalmOS tools to use this. The README tells you where you can find Patience 2.5. prc file included.
xpat2-1.04.patch This is a patch for xpat2 that dumps its games to a file.
patience-1.9.patch Patch for the "Patience" Tcl implementation.

Results and Data

dbm-freecell-solver-2fc-results-on-Amadiro-machine.tar.xz See the message titled “[Better Version] Final Report for the 2-Frecells-based ‘DBM’ Freecell Solver”.

Older Versions

Version 3.24.0
Version 3.22.0
Version 3.20.1
Version 3.18.1
Version 3.16.0
Version 3.14.1
Version 3.12.0
Version 3.10.0
Version 3.8.0
Version 3.6.0
Version 3.4.0
Version 3.2.0
Version 3.0.0
Version 2.42.0
Version 2.40.0
Version 2.38.0
Version 2.36.0
Version 2.34.0
Version 2.32.1
Version 2.30.0
Version 2.28.1
Version 2.26.0
Version 2.24.0
Version 2.22.0
Version 2.20.0
Version 2.18.0
Version 2.16.0
Version 2.14.0
Version 2.12.0
Version 2.8.14
Version 2.6.3
Version 2.4.3
Version 2.2.6
Version 2.0.2
Version 1.10.4
Version 1.8.3
Version 1.6.4
Version 1.4.6
Version 1.2.0
Version 1.0.2
Version 0.10.0
Version 0.8.1
Version 0.6.2
Version 0.4.2
Version 0.2.1